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If my people

The past several weeks have awakened in me the need to pray for our nation.  Yes, I admit I should’ve already been doing this, but the fact of the matter is I hadn’t been.  The Lord really brought this home during our Independence Celebration at my church as our pastor spoke on “A Prayer for the Nation.”  Through that sermon I began to seek God in developing a specific prayer (and have actually used part of that sermon in this prayer).  Since that time there have been several turns of events in our nation, as well as around the world.  I began to read Facebook posts and saw animosity popping up everywhere, even from Christians.  It was really disheartening to see such derogatory remarks being made and pointing fingers and taking sides.  My son-in-law, who is the pastor of a church in our local community, wrote a post that I felt pretty much hit the nail on the head and placed blame where blame was due – the devil.  He is working overtime stealing, killing and destroying.  It’s the principalities, powers and the rulers of darkness we, the church, should be warring against.  As I sat down to start writing a prayer for what I thought was going to be for our nation, it turned out to be primarily a prayer for the church, the body of Christ.  I believe we have failed miserably in seeking God’s face for our nation and the world around us.  I’ll go ahead and make this personal – it’s sad that it’s taken such horrific events to bring me to the point of seeking God on behalf of America.  Below is my prayer – for myself, for the church and for our nation.

Dear Father,

I know our time is short before Jesus comes back for His bride.  You have called us to be holy just as you are holy, so Father, I humble myself before You and repent of any sin in my life.  I ask you to wash me anew and reveal to me any areas in my life that have not brought You glory and honor.  I shift my focus from the things of this world to You.  The enemy has sent distractions, both personally and on a national and global level; however, I realize that he is the enemy that has come to steal, kill and destroy, but You came to give us life.

You have called us to be the salt of the earth.  Just as salt seasons and flavors, help us to enhance and favorably influence the people and society around us.  I will resist moral corruption and decay, and preserve a Godly influence in my life so that I can influence the world around me.  I will be a light not only so they will see my good deeds but will see You through me and praise and glorify You, therefore dispelling and overtaking darkness.  I ask for boldness so that I will not be timid, but be like a city set on a hill.

I pray for those that are in authority, Father, from a local level all the way to our president, as well as those in our upcoming elections.  Lord, convict hearts and bring them to a place of repentance.  Your Word tells us that Your love draws us to repentance, so I ask that You will send people across their paths to show them and minister to them Your love, and that they would realize their need for You.  Lord, for those who are Christians, I ask for a spiritual renewal.  I ask for Godly wisdom and guidance.  Lord, give them boldness to represent You in a way that brings You glory.  I ask that they would find favor among men in order to accomplish Your will.  I ask for protection over those that serve.  Where there is corruption, I ask that truth would come forth and repentance abound.  I ask for divine guidance through Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, I seek Your face for my own life, as well as for my nation.   Father, I know that our fight isn’t against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and the rulers of the darkness of this age.  Lord, I come before You now and I ask You to move in my life and in Your church, which I know You’re already doing, and in this nation.  I pray that Your strong right arm would be extended and that Your love would so abound through Your church that this world would see You in us in a big and mighty way.   I come against the principalities of darkness.  Your Word tells us You are light and I pray, Father God, that that light would dispel the darkness and reveal what the enemy is doing.

Father God, I pray that Your people would stop pointing fingers, and that we would not play into the devil’s schemes of division, strife, hatred and deception.  I pray that we would submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as He quickens us as to what we should say and do.  As Your church we are Your ambassadors, Your representatives, so I pray that we would strive to represent You well.  Help us to be a people that walk uprightly before You, Lord, that we would see and recognize and use the authority that You have given us on this earth through the death and resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ, and that we would realize that the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us.  Lord, help us to boldly take a stand for You and come against these principalities of darkness.  I pray that we would no longer sit idly by and twiddle our thumbs and say there’s nothing we can do when the greatest thing that we can do is come before Your throne on behalf of Your church, our nation and the world around us.

Lord, I submit to You.  I submit to You spirit, soul and body to be the person that You created me to be.  Father God, I am willing to be transformed.  I renew my mind by Your Word and I am willing to be transformed into the person that you created me to be and if there’s anything in my life that doesn’t represent that person, Father God, I put it off right now in the name of Jesus.  I put off timidity.  I put off anxiety.  I put off fear.  Lord, I put off worthlessness and I take up that person that You have created me to be as Your daughter and I walk boldly in who I am in You.  I cast down thoughts and imaginations that the enemy may put into my head that I’m anything less.  Lord, I receive right now and I walk in what You’ve created me to be.

I ask, Father God, that Your church, Your body, would be unified; that we would be unified in standing and coming before Your throne and seeking Your face not as powerless people, but as a people that have power through the blood of Jesus.  Lord, I pray that we would walk in the fullness of what You’ve provided for us, that we would get into Your Word and find out exactly what that is and that we would walk boldly in it.  I pray that we would be the church that You’ve created us to be, and that we would be that member of the body that You’ve created us to be.  Lord, I pray that Your love would so abound in us that it would show through our countenance wherever we go.

Lord, I pray that everywhere we step our foot we would know that You are with us as we dwell in that secret place of the Most High.  I thank You, Father, for the angels that You have given charge over us.  You are our refuge and our fortress, and we lean and rely on You.

Father God, I thank You for Your Holy Spirit that You have imparted to us, that part of You that lives within us, and I pray that He would divinely guide us.  Guide our words, Lord; guide our actions so that we bring glory and honor to You.  I praise You, Father God, for all that You’ve given us; for all of Your grace; Your ability on top of our own ability.  Lord, we can do nothing on our own accord but through You we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  Lord, You have provided us with the means to do whatever You have called us to do.  Lord, I ask that You would continually remind us of that.  I thank You for that, Lord.  I ask for Your continued grace and mercy, and for Your continued guidance, Lord.  You are a mighty God, and it’s in the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


Author: Cindy Byrd

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